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Part I – The Basic Structure of the Hindu Philosophy

To properly understand the circumstances that lead to the birth of this Elephant God Fella one must have a firm grasp of the rudiments of the religion in which this elephant bloke is considered a god. The religion is Hinduism that has been invented in the Indian Subcontinent quite a few centuries back.

This Hinduism believes in the existence of many gods both male and female. The divine hierarchy consists of an all powerful central Force that is also referred to as Shakthi. This is a female god or goddess, as they say. Under this Shakthi comes the Holy Trinity made of three most powerful gods ever created. The head of the Trinity is a guy called Shiv aka the Destroyer. This guy is a large bloke or so he is described. This guy has a wife called Parvati who is also considered as another form of the afore mentioned Shakthi. This Shiva bloke is not in the least interested in enjoying the pleasures of a family life. He spends most of the time among the solemn dead at the human graveyards. Keeping the ghosts and other general demons under check is his excuse for being there. He is so fond of the dead that he even smears his whole vast self with the ashes of the dead. This guy also has another wife, Ganga, a female river whom he confines to his smelly locks on his head. At the time this story begins this guy has no offspring.

Well, the second bloke is the sly and dodging Vishnu aka the Protector. This guy spends most of the time lying on his favorite snake with his wife Lakshmi, the goddess of gold, playing his personal masseuse. This guy is the source of most entertainment in the epics and philosophies of the Hindu religion. And finally comes the shy, four-headed fella called Brahma aka the Creator. This one is responsible for the birth of all of us, that is, all mankind including Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Jews and even agnostics and atheists whether you believe it or not. He is also the supposed creator of all other varied animate creatures lying under the heavens. The birth of this guy is a miracle of science but are not all gods beyond and above science? Anyway history has it that this guy was born in a lotus. Yes, you read it right, a lotus indeed! And not any lotus that grows in filthy marshes full of human waste, but in that blessed lotus that has sprung, god knows how (pun unintended), from the divine naval of the Second-in-chief, the slick Vishnu. So obviously that Vishnu guy is the both the mother and the father of this four-headed bloke. And the wife of this four-headed manufacturer is a goddess named Saraswati, a goddess in charge of knowledge and also the head of the central board of education.

Under this Holy Trinity comes the Higher Order consisting of the sons and wives of the trinity and their relations thereof. These are the luckiest gods because unlike other divine faunae these gods do not have any duties and responsibilities. All they do is marry over and over, have orgies, reproduce in multiples of hundred, listen to the hymns and praises and play havoc with the lives of their devoted humans.

Below this Higher Order comes the Labor Class or the Lower Order. This consists of innumerable sundry gods. The head of them is an arrogant brutish lout calling himself Indra. There isn’t much to tell about this guy except that he owns the heaven and a white elephant – no, not the proverbial white elephant but a real, animate, white-skinned, divine pachyderm! This guy also has under his wing three of the sexiest divine females called Rambha, Oorvasi and Menaka. He usually uses their carnal charms to seduce and thereby foil any single-minded penances of anybody who threatens to pose a danger to him.

The Lower Order is usually responsible for the regular working of the universe. They are responsible for the planets and other celestial bodies to form groups and galaxies and orbit around large masses of glowing gases. But for them our solar system would long back have become defunct with all the moons deserting their partners for better and larger rocks and planets themselves roaming all over the damned universe overcome by curiosity. These Lower Order divine blokes take care of the energy distribution around the universe and keep it expanding until the time the Holy Trinity deem Project Universe to be an absolute flop and consequently disintegrate existing matter and begin all over again for the umpteenth time. So it can be understood that it’s a damned tough life being a god of lower existence. Constant vigilance and ceaseless activity is demanded of them; ever ready to provide some kinetic energy here, remove a centripetal force there, dividing an atom there, fusing a proton here, welding a neutron there and so on and so forth. Also, apart from the celestial duties these gods are also burdened by terrestrial responsibilities too. They are responsible for the birth, existence and death of all animate life found on our planet. Though it is the Holy Trinity that is called the Creator, the Protector and the Destroyer they are not to be bothered by the daily hassles of our mundane existences. This is, in fact, the job of the Lower Order. In spite of all the incantations, hymns, choruses and general ranting of humans in praise of the Holy Trinity the three members of the Trinity do not lower themselves to the concerns of microscopic creatures and their purulent civilizations, crawling over an unknown rock orbiting in some goddamned corner of the infinite space.

Anyway that, in short, is the basic structure of the divine order as described in the Hindu Philosophy. Now let us get on with the actual story which is the real focus of this agnostic narrative.


4 Responses to “Part I – The Basic Structure of the Hindu Philosophy”

  1. VS said

    Nice research work there, fella..bloke, dude whatever you are.

    The Hindu religion is not just a few centuries, but several millenia old. In addition to their holy trinity, they also worship several animals, reptiles, fish, trees, stones..the list only grows.

    But the real deal is..they haven’t converted or subscribed to anybody else’s religion.. which says something about them.
    I am Hindu, and proud of it..

  2. SK said

    Be ashamed of yourself to write in such a rude language about Hinduism and its philosophy. If you have a real ‘etch’ for such things, dare to use same language and attitude towards Christens and Muslims, and then once they are aware of your deed you will run for your life. Be sure of that. If you do not know the real significance or symbolism all these deities hold, you do not hold any right to make a cheap fun out of it. Silly fellow!!

  3. Bhavna Raghuvanshi said


    You have managed to squeeze in a few aspects of Hindu mythology for sure. Too easy to take offence, let me say, Hinduism is one of the oldest religions that the civilized world knew, which I don’t say to venerate it, but to acquaint you with the fact that these myths involve a long tradition of philosophical enterprise.
    This narrative is much larger and nuanced and it coincides with a metaphysical discourse and was initiated and fully developed to encompass religion, spirituality, ethics, and politics in its grand symbolic narration. Many of these meanings and codes interacted with myriad views of individuals and were influenced by many different religious or secular philosophical systems like Islam or, therefore a great variety of ideas views, schools and perspectives can be found in it. In fact much of these interactions either culminated into new religious or philosophical systems like Buddhism, Sufism and Sikhism. Many were also lost, forgotten or misappropriated over time which as VS rightly puts, is a period of several millennia. And therefore I do not blame you for the mockery you so desperately want to stage here.

    I was born to a Hindu family and now at 27 I am an atheist myself, but as a youngster I had similar disgust for the ills that Hinduism has built into it, and whose terrible onslaught we have to bear in my country India, in a variety of ways ranging from communalism to caste system, women’s oppression to superstitions, caste and communal vote politics, pogroms and you name it.

    Yet I know that religion or any other belief system is not extraneous to those who practice it. It is a living and dynamic socio-cultural and politico-economic context which does not have a life of its own. It acquires life when we give it our unquestioned allegiance and allow it to inform our practice. It is therefore inextricable from our person or practice.
    This is the power of ideas then.
    These ideas which, by some were attempted, designed and evolved overtime, to understand explain and deal with the impenetrability of human experience, (and also to facilitate it for future generations, via social organization, political order and suchlike).
    Simultaneously others misappropriated these ideas and belief systems of Hinduism, as has happened to Christianity, Islam, Zionism, Objectivism, Marxism, feminism, postmodernism or the notions of Laissez-faire or any number of belief systems or perspectives whether religious or secular (political, or economic etc) were and continue to be misappropriated in a systemic fashion to ensure that the multitude which believed, became slave to those that professed this so called privileged knowledge.

    Therefore, I think in all this research that you have embarked upon; there must be some interest that this holds for you. Much as you needn’t believe or agree, engage further. Find means in addition to mockery. Attempting to offend the sensitivities of the followers is not a method suited to debate or change. All it brings is revulsion and apprehension and aimless conflict. Pursue it from your end, if you think you are right, but engage, and understand what is the nature of things that you dislike or fear and why so. And then struggle to weaken and undo the power that ideas hold in the living breathing realm to threaten life affirming ends, with new ideas.

    Regards and Good luck.

    Note: The general meaning of Laissez-faire (English pronunciation: /ˌlɛseɪˈfɛər/ ( listen), French: [lɛsefɛʁ] ( listen)) is to allow events to take their own course, or to let people do what they choose. The term is a French phrase literally meaning “let it be” or “leave it alone”.
    The term is often used to refer to various economic philosophies which seek to minimize or eliminate aspects of government intervention. The term is seldom, but occasionally, used to refer to a political philosophy form of anarchism.
    The exact origins of the term laissez-faire as a slogan of economic liberalism are uncertain. The first recorded use of the “laissez-faire” maxim was by French minister René de Voyer, Marquis d’Argenson, another champion of free trade, in his famous outburst:[1]
    “ Laissez faire, telle devrait être la devise de toute puissance publique, depuis que le monde est civilisé…. Détestable principe que celui de ne vouloir grandir que par l’abaissement de nos voisins! Il n’y a que la méchanceté et la malignité du coeur de satisfaites dans ce principe, et l’intérêt y est opposé. Laissez faire, morbleu! Laissez faire!!
    (Let it be, such should be the motto of every public power, ever since the world is civilized….. A detestable principle that we cannot grow but by the lowering of our neighbors! There is nothing but mischief and malignity of heart that are satisfied with that principle, and interest is opposed to it. Let it be, damn it! Let it be!!)
    Source: Wikipedia. :

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