Frame In Frame Out

When overblown drama no longer fits the frames…..


Scene 3

And sure enough within one and a half minute the Unreal Police is at the Connaught Circus in New Delhi. But there is nobody there. No villain is as fast as the Unreal Police. So the Unreal Police waits for three days without food and water. Finally he hears some sound and wakes up.

He sees two guys standing before him. He immediately recognizes them. They are the deadly twins, Sarvottam Reddy and Karthavarayan, the murderers who killed his parents and sister. The twins also recognize him immediately because the Unreal Police is exact look-alike of his father the Real Police, Hero No. 1.

Unreal Police then takes out his mom’s mangalsutram, his sister’s nose ring from his pockets. He also pulls out his dad’s medals hanging over his chest. He puts all the articles on the ground and bows over them crying. When enough blood has flown down to make his eyes bloodshot, he dramatically rises up with an angry expression on his countenance and a shout on his lips.

He takes out his gun and aims to shoot the twins. But the twins start pleading.

‘We are sorry Unreal Police but we made a mistake. We actually wanted to fight in Lalbagh Gardens in Bangalore. Somehow the two idiots announced it wrong at the vegetable market. Please, lets go there and fight!’, said the twins together.

Of course one tells the dialogue in bad Telugu while the other says it in perfect Tamil.

Unreal Police lowers his gun. He accepts their apology.

‘Its alright. Mistakes do happen. I give enough freedom for my enemies to choose their time and place of death. I will come to Lalbagh Gardens in Bangalore to shoot you two scallywags to death.!

I am the eyes of a hawk; I am the nose of a dog. I am the first law of Newton and outlaw among the police! I am the Unreal Police! I can do the impossible within one and a half minutes. Anytime, anyplace, single hand!’

Saying thus, our Unreal Hero folds his lungi, raises his left hand, folds his right knee and flies off. The deadly twins snigger within themselves and walk away leisurely.

Within one and a half minute Lalbagh Gardens of Bangalore is blessed by the step of Unreal Police. He lands and goes to sleep under some bushes.

The twins arrive after four days. On seeing them the Unreal Police again pulls out the artifacts of his parents and cries over them. Then he rises with bloodshot eyes and aims his gun at them. But the twins apologize again. They request him to fight them at Santhome Beach in Chennai on the third day of the next month.

Unreal Police accepts their apology, describes himself and flies off. The twins fall down on the grass rolling with laughter.

End of Scene 3


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