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Second Coming of the Holy Great-grand Nephew – Scene 3

Scene 3 – Process of Creation

Creation is a very critical process and should be done with extreme care and caution. Since all the one-thirds of GOD are formless they cannot use their body parts to create a mortal. So they need chemicals and other substances. Of course a basic knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and all other allied sciences is a must.

The process of creation takes 13 GOD days (23 human years) and is a three step process. First is the mixing of raw materials. Separate materials are prepared from different chemicals. The flesh is made separately. The blood is brewed in a cauldron in one corner. Nerves are spun by running lengths of cosmic threads, lightning and two secret ingredients into a spinning wheel not dissimilar to the one used by Gandhi. Bones are ground from interstellar dust and other crap available.

Brain is the most critical of all the raw materials and is made from special brewing of interstellar particles and a special liquid found on a planet near Orion. The brew is then set in the DIVINE OVEN for 11 GOD days. The time is very critical. A little less time will produce soft-brained fools who are controlled by stars and other planets and a little more time will produce hard-core mortals who should be taught everything four times to make them even realize someone is teaching them. The right setting time is rarely achieved but a 5% cut-off on either side is no problem. Only twice did the world see mortals whose brains had been set exactly as it should be. Both of them ended up in insane asylums!

The second step involves assembly of all body parts which is a bloody process. Nerves are soldered to the brain and nerve endings are carefully inserted at the right places inside the flesh. The skeleton is clothed with the flesh and muscle; internal organs carefully inserted at the right places.

The final step is blowing consciousness into every cell and storing an extra bubble inside the brain for backup.

Producing a saviour involves a fourth step. That is, putting the EGO of GOD into him. Otherwise he doesn’t know he is a saviour and behaves just like another mortal – becoming intelligent, defying GOD and all that.

Also a saviour cannot be created whenever GOD feels like it. A certain alignment of stars and planets favours a saviour and helps him to be better off with his mission. A few meteorites and some interstellar dust and shit thrown in would ensure success a guaranteed outcome of the mission.

The divine one-thirds set out to enquire the stars and other spatial dwellers to find out their orbit paths and speeds. Armed with the knowledge they calculate the time and moment when the process of creation must start and when it should end. There is also a particular time to bring the saviour baby down to the earth.

The first step of creation process is done by Holy Binity, the second by Holy Unity (who is instructed to follow a blueprint without question).  The third step is taken care of by Holy Trinity. The fourth step is possible only when the three one-thirds combine to become GOD because EGO can be displaced only by GOD.


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