Frame In Frame Out

When overblown drama no longer fits the frames…..

Second Coming of the Great-grand Nephew – Scene 6 P III

“STOP IT,” screams Holy Binity, “ That’s enough!”

Meanwhile Holy Trinity is facing problems of his own with the dirty virgin inside the cave. At the moment he is nested inside a small crevice in the dark corner of the cave trying to hide himself from the virgin who has been making obscene passes at him and desperately trying to seduce him.

“Hey you know what’s the latest in fashion,” asks a sultry voice, “It’s stylish to let one breast out of the dress while walking on the ramp. What do you say I do the same when I parade into the crowd with your Jiji-en? It would make a kind of sensation and your messenger boy will get immediate recognition! I could slip out the second breast too. I really don’t mind you know.”

Holy Trinity wriggles himself deeper into the crevice. He prays desperately for the parcel to arrive quickly. And no sooner he prays are his prayers answered (though even GOD doesn’t know who answered them). A sudden stork shoots into the cave with a gift-wrapped package hanging from its long beak. It hits the floor at the speed of light and dies on the spot. Holy Trinity jumps out of the crevice instantly, grabs the package, tapes it to the knees of the virgin and shoots out of the cave at the same optical speed the stork hit the concrete floor. The instant he comes of out cave he freezes in sudden realization. The fleeting glimpse of the view while he was taping the parcel to the virgin’s knees hits him like a nasty fart. He shoots back into the cave once more and stares wide-eyed at the virgin.

“Y-you are not a woman!”

The virgin looks at Holy Trinity steadily.

“You only asked if I was a virgin.”

“Y-you are not a man either!”

“Hey, never heard of a transvestite?”

“A tr – tran – transvestite! What is that?”

“Come to me, I will make you understand,” says the virgin in the sultry voice again.

“No, thank you,” says Holy Trinity immediately. “Please do not tell anyone outside about this! I shall double your pay!”

Holy Trinity leaves the cave surreptitiously.

Around five hundred people are standing around the cave as the word had been spread that yet another messenger of GOD is due that night. Most of them are tourists with handicams and digital cameras in their hands. They are not ready to believe there’s to be yet another messenger from GOD but they don’t want to miss out the opportunity to sell their videos to the highest bidder among the news media.

Lighted stars, crystals and a few pagan objects are hanging over the entrance to the cave. Somebody has even drawn a voodoo design on the floor along with a clay model of a sweet looking child who is supposed to be the Jiji-en. Holy Trinity immediately makes himself invisible and creeps towards Holy Binity.


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