Frame In Frame Out

When overblown drama no longer fits the frames…..

Second Coming of Holy Great-Grand Nephew Sc.6 – Part IV

In case you missed the previous episodes, find them here

Holy Trinity immediately makes himself invisible and creeps towards Holy Binity.

“Psst! Everything’s set. Let the scene begin,” whispers Holy Trinity to Holy Binity waving his hand simultaneously towards the skies to signal Holy Unity. Then everything happens within seconds.

Hearing a voice out of thin air the three bearded bums panic. Screaming wildly at the top of their voices and beating their chests with their fists the three of them stampede out of the bushes towards the cave. The vestment of second bum gets caught in the thorns and comes loose; and he is naked by the time he reaches the crowd.

Hearing the commotion the virgin rushes out of the cave and seeing a naked man throws herself on him and smooches his lips. The package at her knees slips down and hits the floor. The nervous Holy Unity up in the skies pinches the bottoms of the stars too hard and the stars burst out in anger. A maze of fireworks assault the skies. Cameras are clicking and tapes are running at every imaginable frame rates.

The two clothed idiots stand staring in astonishment at the smooching couple completely forgetting their dialogues. The Divine One-Thirds are as dumbstruck as the three idiots and are gaping with their formless mouths.

A kid from the crowd runs forward and grabs the package. He rips the wrapper hurriedly before any adult could object.

“WOW! This is the most ugliest child I’ve ever seen! He looks like a cross between a mutant bonsai tree and a rotting zombie! Dad, please can I keep him?”

His dad takes one look at the wriggling object in the box and curls his face into intense distaste. He grabs the package and throws it down in disgust.

The package hits the floor with a thud and out comes the ugly messenger kid Jiji-en. His ugliness is accentuated by his stark nakedness. Jiji-en sits on the floor and squints at the crowd. He puts his tongue out and says, “Phrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

The crowd is immediately bespattered with saliva and some other unknown sticky liquid. The kid out in the front is completely drenched.

An angry ruckus breaks out among the crowd and accusative fingers are pointed at the transvestite who is still in the act of embrace and at the three wise idiots one of whom is engaged with the transvestite.

Holy Trinity acts swiftly. He signals Holy Unity in the skies and Holy Unity promptly kicks the rumps of all the stars. The stars break out into furious fireworks and the crowd below looks up in awe. The fireworks end a few seconds later and the crowd remembers it ruckus. They look down and are astonished to see the mutant child missing. Only the three idiots, the virgin and the clay voodoo doll are staring blankly at the mucky crowd.

With the satisfaction of an angry child finding a rag doll to vent its frustration, the crowd fall upon the remaining members of the drama. Even the voodoo doll is not spared.

Had anybody on the earth had cared to look up to the skies at that moment they would have seen the rarest of the rare sight – that of the tempestuous rumps of the stars wiggling in rage as the stars are throwing mud and interstellar dust over one another since Holy Unity, the cause for their burning posteriors, vanished all of a sudden. But, alas, humans have no time even to stop and smell a rose, let alone gaze at the rumps of the stars.


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