Frame In Frame Out

When overblown drama no longer fits the frames…..

Mixed Vegetable Soup – Scene 6 Part II

Finally pain and hurt made a tie while the others slunk away their tails between their legs back into the cholesterol-filled heartless heart that was, by now, bouncing like a motorized yo-yo against the front and rear walls of the rib cage. 

‘Poppy, why do you want to hurt me poppy! My heart aching poppy! Don’t say that again poppy!’ 

Mixed Vegetable Soup was again overcome by paternal sentiment and threw open his arms. Shaolin Bastard embraced him again and they both sat on the floor crying over one another. 

‘Am I a bastard now, poppy!’ 

‘No, son. You are no bastard when I am alive. You will not be a bastard even after I am dead. In fact you were never a bastard your whole life. You just didn’t know my name. That don’t make you a bastard. That just make you one ignorant fool but nothing more!’ 

‘Oh poppy! You are such a dear! I wished I had known your name from young!’ 

Shaolin Bastard picked up his dinner plate lying nearby and both he and Mixed Vegetable Soup cross fed each other all the time crying in sentiment. Between them they almost finished meat of four unfortunate goats and lots of chicken that never did cross the road. 

The tears could not bring Mixed Vegetable Soup back to reality until they gushed down in abundance and formed a pool on the floor. Only when the pool of glycerin wet his seat was Mixed Vegetable Soup stung back to reality. Instantly Mixed Vegetable Soup threw the plate against the wall and kicked Shaolin Bastard on his rib cage once again. 

‘Hey Bastard! Flash News! I aint no poppy of yours! I never made the mistake of help bring you into this world, which was far better off before you were born. If I had known who your poppy was I would have strangled his mother even before she lost her virginity. You are a bastard and you will remain a bastard! Bastard, hehe, Bastard, boo boo! All boo the bastard from Shaolin here. Boo boo! And why did the chicken cross the road?’ 

‘It went in search of its dad. It was a bastard like me!’ 

Once again emotions made Shaolin Bastard’s vast face their battlefield and this time the fight raged for a very long time and all the while Shaolin Bastard stood there twisting his face into all sorts of grotesque expressions like a professional contortionist. Mixed Vegetable Soup sat in awe regarding the circus show and he felt a rising respect for the guy’s dad, whoever or whatever or how many ever they were. 

Once again pain got better of others and this time it also managed to shove humor up the ass of hurt and off they both went laughing with anguish. The battle wary emotions made their way back down the throat, along the tonsillitis, by the bursting lungs and finally stopped suddenly to watch the heart gone. While the emotions fought on the surface the heart was staging a drama of its own inside. It had picked up such speed that it exceeded the speed of light, broke the time barrier and raced off into the future. There it watched its own death and instantly died heartbroken then and there in the future. So the emotions couldn’t find it in the present. 

With a final expression of pain on his face, the Shaolin Bastard fell down flat on his nose. 

The night grew angry to find the pseudo-Chinese psycho once again in the grave yard. It began to suspect him of necrophilia but didn’t yet have enough evidence to present its case to the sun so he could bring down this psycho with an angry stroke of heat. So it simply watched the psycho rub the internal organs of a tall body over the graves and then roll all over crying. 

And needless to say, it missed once again the two eyes over that pair of capless knees jumping up and down in ecstasy. 

Shaolin Bastard has finally met his creator!


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