Frame In Frame Out

When overblown drama no longer fits the frames…..

Mixed Vegetable Soup – Scene 5 Part II

Around the sixth position Monkey in the Snake Shadow began to bleed like hell or so he felt. Finally around the ninth position he realized his death was nearing. So like Snake in the Monkey Shadow had done the day before he started asking for reasons. 

‘Please, stranger with cello tape on your temples, please tell me who you are and why are you killing me! Are you the serial killer who rapes and kill animals and automobiles?’ 

‘My name is Mixed Vegetable Soup, son of Sweet Corn Chicken Soup and Shanghai Roll!’ said Mixed Vegetable Soup still not stopping the grotesque to and fro motion. 

‘Mixed Vegetable Soup? Chicken Corn Soup? Shanghai Roll? Are you all recipes out of the menu of some cheap sleazy downtown bar where the highway drivers grab a dirty bite?’ 

Mixed Vegetable Soup got very angry and intensified his fighting technique. Monkey in the Snake Shadow cried for mercy. 

‘Please, sorry for the joke. But I neither remember you nor your parents.’ 

‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ 

‘The – the chicken? Maybe it was a pigeon, did you look properly? Oww – ow – aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ 

Mixed Vegetable Soup threw Monkey in the Snake Shadow on the ground with a loud thump that cracked the poor guy’s skull. His monkey brains crawled out of the skull, saw Mixed Vegetable Soup and decided to play dead. But Mixed Vegetable Soup was not to be fooled easily. He took out a spoon and scooped a bit of the brain. The brain gave one shudder of disgust and promptly ceased all electro-chemical activities. 

The night once again couldn’t help noticing, if perhaps with some disgust, the same pseudo-Chinese guy splatter monkey brains over two graves in one god-forsaken corner of the cemetery. The night promptly pushed a quick cloud over the moon who was still only a crescent and thereby too young to lay his eyes on such deranged vandalism. 

And in its anxiety to hide the scandal from the young moon, the night failed once again to sight the pair of eyes high over a set of capless knees drinking the scene with delighted thirst. 

The monkey stopped monkeying around!


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