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When overblown drama no longer fits the frames…..

Mixed Vegetable Soup – Scene 11 – The Final Scene!

Day Eight – Chicken that crossed the road now crosses the path of Mixed Vegetable Soup 

Mixed Vegetable Soup was coming back from the local taxidermist when he saw a nasty looking chicken eyeing a road with a stealthy look in its eye. Mixed Vegetable Soup immediately knew it was the same chicken that crossed the road without telling anyone why it did so. 

He jumped on the chicken and lifted it by the legs. The chicken flapped its wings in desperation. 

‘Cock, cock, let go off me you meat-eating pseudo-Chinese with cello tape over his temples!’ 

‘Not before you tell me why you crossed the road!’ 

‘Did I cross the road?’ asked the chicken in surprise. 

‘Yes, you did.’ 

‘No I was just about to when you sprung upon me like some wild fox!’ 

‘Not now but many years back.’ 

‘Oh that day! Yeah I remember now. But I didn’t do it deliberately. I had no intention of crossing the road at all. In fact I hadn’t known I was walking by a road at all. I had seen the road but then I thought it was all in my mind like a mirage. My dad used to say there are no roads but just images of them in minds of chickens and some dickheads. So I was just walking along thinking this must be the mirage my dad used to say. I was also thinking thank god I was a chicken and not a dickhead. I’d rather be a chicken any day than a dickhead. I would – aaaah!’ 

Mixed Vegetable Soup twisted the head of the chicken in impatience. 

‘Alright alright. I crossed the road because a Chinese baby told me to sod off all of a sudden. I was afraid he was one of those rapists who patrol the road in search of poor helpless animals like me to attack and rape. So I simply crossed to the other side and went home!’ 

Mixed Vegetable Soup was astounded and stood gaping in shock. The Chicken escaped thankfully and crossed the road muttering to itself. 

So he was responsible. The very Molten Lava who caused his brother Drunken Monkey to steal marbles from Mixed Vegetable Soup had caused all of this bloody hell. (Read Scene 1 to know more)

‘I am gonna have my revenge on both of them now. Here I come Molten Lava and Drunken Monkey!’ 

And off went Mixed Vegetable Soup to have his revenge. But that’s another story. It is a sequel to this script and you all shall read it very soon. 

But for now just watch a pseudo-Chinese with cello tape on his temples walk away into the setting sun on a lonely deserted road. Stay with that image till we come back with the sequel!


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