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Dandaga Doddi and the unemployed villagers are dancing to the song “long live the Doddi, Dandaga Doddi”. They are happy coz Dandaga Doddi shut down Veera Doddi’s factory where most of the villagers worked in the absence of Dandaga Doddi. He is such an awesome dancer he twists his body into all sorts of positions and his whole body shakes for even lifting a finger. After three minutes of twisted dancing and erotic lyrics the song is stopped by a screaming Prompt Ramanna who is covered in blood. Ramanna approaches Dandaga Doddi and tries to say something in his ear.


Prompt Ramanna promptly drops dead. Dandaga Doddi is almost deaf after all the screaming. Now Dandaga Doddi is angry. His eyes turn red, his twisted mustache starts to twitch and every visible vein on his body is swelling. He clenches his fist while making a sound like every bone in his body is breaking. After his veins are swollen to the maximum possible thickness and after clenching his fists he starts walking towards the torture site in slow motion.

Veera Doddi has chosen the railway station as the torture site. He has tied everyone to the tracks and let loose rats living under the tracks to crawl all over them. Dandaga Doddi’s family members are screaming non stop. Then Dandaga Doddi comes to the railway station in slow motion.

Veera Doddi: Now you are really in deep shit Dandaga Doddi. I thought you were done for when my crude knife swinging followers robbed you on the train. But you acted like an irritating bugger and got rich and powerful. I can’t stand this anymore. First I will kill you and then your family will be run over by a train. Muhahahaha.

Crude Knife Swinging Followers: Muhahahah (chorus)

Dandaga Doddi: Veera Doddi. I spared your life once and this is the way you are thanking me. I promise, today you are going to hell. Time to face the really angry Dandaga Doddi you sleet filtering sinkhole.

Veera Doddi: Ha. In your dreams. Come on guys ATTACK.

Dandaga Doddi kicks anyone who approaches him and that fellow flies to a table or a glass window to break it. After the station runs out of tables and glass windows to break the rest of the crude knife swinging follower run away. Dandaga Doddi is now standing in front of Veera Doddi and staring very angrily.

Veera Doddi: Well aren’t you going to kill me.

Dandaga Doddi: No way. If I try to kill you that horrible woman, Sacrificial Savitri, will cry and this will become a tragedy scene instead of an action scene. So I’m going to spare you, you doodoo bowling dodo.

In the meantime a train is heading towards the station to kill Dandaga Doddi’s family. Dandaga Doddi tries to free them but he is not able to cut the threads. He then utters a really loud scream and starts to run towards the train. After reaching the train, Dandaga Doddi, who couldn’t cut the threads, punches the engine and the train goes in reverse and vanishes. In the meantime someone frees Dandaga Doddi’s family.

Veera Doddi: I’m sorry for all the things I did till now. This script says that I have to become a good guy in spite of getting beaten up and insulted by you. So now I’m also a good guy.

Everyone is happy now. Dandaga Doddi, his family, Veera Doddi, the unemployed villagers and the crude knife swinging followers assemble in front of Dandaga Doddi’s house and start dancing to the title song ‘Jai Doddi, Jai Jai Doddi’. The film ends with Dandaga Doddi announcing “This is the end you never-ending nincompoops”


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