Frame In Frame Out

When overblown drama no longer fits the frames…..


Three months have passed since Dandaga Doddi left his village. He is now in the train, returning to his village, with the medicine for lunatic swine disease, he got from Dr. Goscuttle without much violence. Dandaga Doddi is heroically lying down and twisting his twisted mustache on the upper berth while his wife is sleeping on the lower berth. Suddenly the compartment is attacked by crude knife swinging bandits and Dandaga Doddi’s wife is taken hostage.

Bandit leader: Mr. Dandaga Doddi, you better promptly give us the medicine and all your jewelry or else we will promptly cut your wife’s throat.

Dandaga Doddi: Who are you, you booze guzzling bugs.

Bandit leader: We are crude knife swinging bandits and not followers as you might have guessed. I repeat we are bandits NOT followers.

Dandaga Doddi: Although I am the hero and am capable of annihilating you in 10 seconds, this script does not allow me to attack you now. So here, take all my jewelry and the medicine and leave my wife alone, you Alps scraping antelopes.

The bandits get what they want and vanish immediately. When Dandaga Doddi arrives at the village railway station he is surprised, coz no one has come to greet him. Even his brother who promised to stay in the station is missing. On his way home he is shocked his two brothers drunk and lying on the road.

Dandaga Doddi: What are you doing you blood leaking bums.

Brother 1: Oh it’s our brother Dandaga. Wassup brother.

Dandaga Doddi: Why weren’t you at the station to receive me you cat swinging carcass.

Brother 1: You better stop swearing brother. You know, things have changed since you left this village. Mom signed the documents and now all the property belongs to us. You don’t have even the jewelry you used to wear. You are broke and no one likes to be insulted by a good for nothing fellow.

Dandaga Doddi: You treachery tailoring traitors. I will talk to mother and make sure you two are punished.

Brothers: Yeah yeah. Do whatever you want and leave us alone. We have to get drunk and roll on the streets.

Dandaga Doddi returns home and goes to his mom who is very sad coz the pigs in the farm are about to die.

Dandaga Doddi: Mother why did you give our property to those drunkards. You know I’m the rightful heir to it you gut crushing giraffe.

Mother: They said they had the cure for this disease and promised to cure the pigs if I game them the property. I can make sure you get it if you give me the medicine. So where is the medicine?

Dandaga Doddi: I’m sorry mother. Some bandits stole the medicine on the train you cork hitting critter.

Mother: Oh you are a horrible fellow. You are no longer my son. Don’t show me your face again. My poor pigs. Boo hoo.

Dandaga Doddi is in deep shit now. Not even the villagers respect him coz he lost everything. Dandaga Doddi and his wife decide to leave the village. Before leaving Dandaga Doddi stands in the middle of the road and makes a loud promise while the entire village freezes to hear it.

Dandaga Doddi: You will all regret for insulting me. I will get rich in the next couple of scenes while the villain Veera Doddi tortures you. Then you will all come to me and apologize. I will be waiting for you. Goodbye you pot breaking paupers.


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