Frame In Frame Out

When overblown drama no longer fits the frames…..

Second Coming of the Holy Great-grand Nephew – Scene 2 Part II

Posted by chki on October 24, 2006

No wonder Holy Trinity has become the most publicized among humans! If the dumb Holy Binity and the dumber Holy Unity would pool their intellectual resources it would hardly be matter enough for microscopic observation! An atom is easily Himalayas before their brainy matter – not that they really have any matter to present for observation of course!

But their very infinitesimal intelligence is what makes them a part of GOD! Afterall only GOD could be smaller than atom and yet split himself! Man cannot even split an atom! But we are digressing!

So the Divine One-thirds decide to send in an official mascot to attempt restoration, among humanity, the image of a great masterpiece called GOD! You could call it Digital Remastering! Old wine in new bottle! Holy Shit, we are digressing again!

What happens now? Would they send another son into limelight or would it be a distant, distant relative like say Great-grand Nephew? Quick! Reveal the suspense NOW! GOD this tension it too much!

Don’t worry, you need, no longer, bite your itching nails and wait in suspense! Here is the second installment of Scene 2!


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